Dear first-year parents,

Your child is bringing home an envelope today that has some information from the Planet Youth project and guidelines and tips for their health and wellbeing as they get older.

The coordinator of the Planet Youth project in our region, Emmet Major, was here on Wednesday night and he gives a strong recommendation around the problem created by having phones in bedrooms late at night.  Their suggestion is to try and help our teenagers more with their sleep routines and also to have phones out of bedrooms by 8.00pm and charged overnight in the kitchen or the hall.  This can be negotiated with your child and be later as they get older.  The more parents that can try to bring in this practice, the easier it becomes for everyone.

Please ensure you get the envelope from your child’s bag and also the PCH Anti Bullying Pledge, which should be signed and returned on Monday. You will find some very informative and reassuring information about  how we promote a happy & safe environment in PCH and our method of dealing with bullying when it occurs by following this link