Autism Class (Seomra Seóda)

Our Autism class attempts to enable all students with autism to belong to an educational community without prejudice and within which individual difference is celebrated.

The class reflects the inclusive ethos of PCH and wherever possible the students in the ASD Class are integrated within the mainstream school. 

Structure of the Day:

Each student in Seomra Seoda follows their own individual timetable. The students have a combination of mainstream classes and classes timetabled in Seomra Seoda. 

Students in first year attend as many mainstream classes as possible within their first few weeks, with the aid of the S.N.A. where it permits, and changes are then made to the timetable as needed. Seomra Seoda is always there as a ‘safe space’. Students enrolled in Seomra Seoda can leave class at any time, by producing a card to their teacher or telling their S.N.A., and come to Seomra Seoda where teachers and S.N.A.s are there to greet them. 

Seomra Seoda Activities:

The timetable in Seomra Seoda is tailored to the student’s individual needs and the programme they are following. Activities involving computers, bakery, art work, literacy, numeracy, wellbeing, SPHE, yoga and exercise are commonplace in the class and the students really enjoy these. Students are also involved in different fundraisers and awareness weeks that take place during the school year. In addition, they enjoy going on trips and outings. We try to organise one trip or outing per term. Students are also encouraged to take part in the numerous clubs, activities and sports that take place throughout the school at lunch time each day.

N.B. Outings and extra-curricular activities are not taking place as normal this year due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Above all, students love coming to Seomra Seoda as a safe and quiet area, away from the hustle and bustle of the main building. Lockers are available in Seomra Seoda also, so that students do not have to worry about the busy corridors. Our break and lunch club, which takes place in our kitchen, is valued by our students.


Our Sensory Room – Where lots of our students come to relax!


A Seomra Seoda Classroom


Each student has their own desk and notice board.


Our Kitchen – Lots of cookery, baking, chats and hot chocolates are enjoyed here! We have a break time and lunch club that takes place here.


Our Computer Room – We have 5 computers and a colour printer for use by our Seomra Seoda students.


Our Wall of Achievement – The work of our students is displayed here throughout the year.