Leadership and Management Team

Senior Leadership Team





Fiona Gallagher: Principal

David Dempsey: Deputy Principal

Orla Jackson: Deputy Principal


Board of Management 2020 – 2023

The school is administered by a Board of Management. The Board consists of eight people- four nominated by the Trustees- two nominated by the parents and two nominated by the teaching staff. The Principal acts as Secretary to the Board. The Board is elected for a three-year term.

Cllr Mary Hoade (Chairperson)
Mr Gerry Naughton (Trustee Nominee)
Mr Adrian McLynn (Trustee Nominee)
Ms Anne Walsh (Trustee Nominee)
Ms Fiona McCallion(Teacher Nominee)
Mr John Toner (Teacher Nominee)
Ms Shelley McCormack (Parent Nominee)
Mr Cathal Galligan (Parent Nominee)


Middle Management Team 2021/ 2022

Veronica Gallagher (AP I): Head of Year, First Year

Seán Conlon (AP I): Head of Year, Second Year

Sandra Schalks (AP I): Head of Year, Third Year

Anita McGonagle (AP I): Head of Year, TY & 5th Year

Sarah Withero (AP I): Head of Year, Leaving Cert.

Elaine Creaven (AP I)

Colette Flanagan (API): Programmes Coordinator of TY, LCVP, LCA, JCSP

Tom Ryder (AP II) ICT Coordinator

June Burke (AP II): Transition Year Coordinator

Helen Gibbons (AP II):  Assessment & Examinations Coordinator

Siobhan Shaughnessy (AP II): Wellbeing Coordinator

Sinéad Conlon (AP II): Assistant Year Head, 2nd Year

Joe Kelly (AP II): Assistant Year Head, 3rd Year

Padraic Gilmore (Acting AP II): Assistant Year Head, 5th & T Year