Our school uniform, with the distinctive PCH crest, signifies membership of our student community.

As ambassadors for Presentation College, students are expected to present in a clean, full uniform at all times including:

  • School jumper with crest.
  • Blue polo/collared shirt.
  • Navy trousers.
  • Knee-length navy skirt.
  • Black shoes/trainers (no trainers with white or coloured markings or soles).
  • Official school crested jacket (picture below).
  • The following jewellery is permitted: one bracelet, one watch, one necklace, one pair of stud earrings and one ring on each hand.
  • Brow and nose rings/studs (or whatever other body piercing is visible) are strictly forbidden. Students will be given an opportunity to remove them but refusal to co-operate will result in a parent meeting to organise removal of the piercing.
  • Excessive make-up is not permitted.
  • No alteration or adornments to the school uniform are permitted.
  • PE gear only worn in PE class. 
    • During the period of the current Covid 19 crisis it has been agreed that students wear;
      • Plain navy tracksuit pants
      • Blue polo shirt
      • Runners
    • These items of clothing may only be worn on the day a student has PE on their timetable
  • Leggings/Jeggings/Track-suit or sportswear are not appropriate for school.
  • If there are any SEN considerations with regard to uniform, a meeting will take place with parents/guardians and the appropriate interventions will be investigated.