Pictured are two of our dedicated PCH students- Shane Graven (fifth year) and Eoin McGuire (second year). They deserve great credit for volunteering to assist with the upcoming Novena in St Mary’s Church, Headford. Shane has committed to being present most evenings. It is wonderful to see such a great sense of community in our school. Thank you to our RE department in PCH for organising the students.

Other students who have volunteered for the remaining nights are as follows:
Kayla Murphy (LC)
Megan Forde (LC)
Kate Bracken (second year)
Maeve Murray (second year)
Ellie Chapman (second year)
Alicia O’Malley (second year)
Courtney Mongan (second year)
Anna Cooper (fifth year)
Jane Mullin (TY)
Amy Curran (TY)