Today was a very poignant and difficult day for our PCH Community. We held a beautiful service in the afternoon for the souls of Kirsty & Lukas. We prayed for the recovery of the students injured in the tragic events of Monday morning, April 17th. We also sought  strength, compassion, and  guidance to continue  school life, albeit in a changed way. Our students were a credit to themselves and to you, their families. Their rapt and respectful attention during the simple but highly poignant service was truly amazing. We were uplifted with beautiful music and singing by Ms Ita Cunningham and Ms Siobhan Shaughnessy.

We were joined by the Presentation Sisters, by the CEO, and area director of CEIST , by our Board of Management and by all our local clergy. Such is the support and love for our community that gifts of flowers and cards , messages and calls of solidarity poured in all day from all over the country and beyond.

We hope we did Lukas and Kirsty proud.

School will continue tomorrow. It will be a normal school day in the sense that timetabled classes will resume. There will, of course, continue to be support available for our students. Our own Guidance Counsellors; Ms Whitney, Ms Costello, Mr Slattery & Ms. Boyle, Our School Chaplain, Ms Siobhán Shaughnessy, and all our staff along with the psychologist from NEPS will continue to provide support. Please make our guidance counsellors aware of any issues which you feel are pertinent or may be causing your child particular distress. our guidance team may be contacted emailing the subject line “FAO Guidance dept” to [email protected]

You can email  in confidence and your query/issue will be dealt with by a member of our student support team.

To contact any of our Guidance Councillors directly, please use the following email addresses

Ms Whitney [email protected]

Mr Slattery [email protected]

Ms Costello [email protected]

Ms Boyle [email protected]